Especially for Real Estate Agents

“You WILL have the FASTEST and SIMPLEST Termite Letter Experience you’ve ever seen, or it’s FREE . . . I guarantee it!”   Glenn Laney – President

Complete the following form to request a $45 termite letter for your pending real estate closing.  This $45 price is a special price ONLY for real estate agents.  For the quickest and most thorough communication, please complete ALL fields . . . even the ones that aren’t required.  Termite letters are only good if they are issued within the 30 calendar days prior to your closing date.

Filling out this termite letter request form AS SOON AS you get the property under contract will go ahead and get your service on our schedule.  We normally recommend waiting until you are within 30 days of closing before we actually issue the report for your transaction unless you have agreed to perform this inspection during your due diligence period.

Your termite letter will be completed and issued according to the timeline of your contract, so having all of this information will make everything move very efficiently for your transaction.  We will automatically distribute your termite letter and invoice to everyone you have provided contact information for in order to hopefully keep you from having to spend a bunch of time making phone calls and sending emails trying to track down a termite letter right before closing.