Is it possible that you are bringing in more than you planned on when you picked that damp firewood off the ground outside and carried it into your garage or basement?  Its June right now, and the temperatures in our area are high 90s, so thinking about firewood is not really on a lot of people’s radar.  The fact is, many people actually bring firewood into their garage or basement at this time of year to dry out in preparation for cold weather, when sitting under a cozy blanket next to the calming flashes of warm fireplace is appealing again.  I know I enjoy the warm glow of a fire when the time of year is right.

Strange things can happen when you bring firewood inside!  Watch this short video to see what happened in THIS home when they brought firewood into their garage.

I am guilty, too!  I bring firewood into my house on a daily basis during winter because I heat my house primarily with a wood burning stove, AFTER thoroughly inspecting my firewood (especially for termites).  Bringing firewood in isn’t the problem, but storing firewood inside can be a BIG problem.  Firewood can have stink bugs, ants, roaches, spiders, beetles and even YELLOW JACKETS, hunkered down under the bark for a sheltered place to over-winter until warmer weather returns.  Yellow jackets are actually the biggest problem I personally have in my home with firewood because they are hibernating in the wood pile, but will “wake up” when brought into the house and buzz around the house until they stop long enough for me to swat them.

To prepare your firewood to be dry when you need it, simply stack the wood OFF the ground and UNDER a tarp or other shelter, OUTSIDE!  I go to the nearest industrial center and get few pallets headed for the trash pile to stack my firewood on.  After proper storage, inspect each load for pests that will shake off onto your hearth BEFORE you bring it in, and go straight to the fire with the firewood instead of storing it inside.

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Here’s wishing YOU a PEST-FREE Day!


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