Imagine sitting at the kitchen table, reading the daily news (or latest social media grievances), enjoying a hot . . . fresh cup of coffee.  For some reason you glance away from your iPad and out of the corner of your eye you see a little pile of Georgia red clay on top of your carpet . . . out of place.  What do you do?  Well, you clean it up of course – BUT it returns!  The next time you walk into the room you see that same little pile of dirt and think someone in your house is playing a dirty trick on you.

This time when you clean it up you see something strange, but interesting.  Watch this video to see what COULD be making that little pile of dirt on top of your carpet!

That little pile of dirt can turn into much more than a nuisance you have to clean up over and over again.  It can lead to costly damage that you definitely want to avoid . . . and avoiding it is a simple phone call away!

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Here’s wishing YOU a PEST-FREE Day!


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